2010 New Year’s Shows, The Best of The Best (so far as we know)

Live New Year’s Show

New Year’s Rocking Eve with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest

A bit of history: Before Dick Clark, there was a guy named (aptly enough) Guy Lombardo who was the face of the New Year’s festivities in New York City. Guy Lombardo hosted New Year’s festivities from New York for 48 years from 1928 until he died in 1977.

Dick Clark started “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” in 1973 as an alternative to Guy Lombardo’s New Year’s Eve show. Clark’s shtick was to promote his show as being more up-to-date and hip than Guy Lombardo, who he saw as being mainly for the older generation. We remember growing up and seeing Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. We weren’t old enough to see Guy Lombardo and have seen only what’s occasionally on YouTube.

Fast forward now to the 21st century and Dick Clark has now become that older generation. Reality is such a bummer sometimes. Clark suffered a stroke in 2005 and is damned lucky to still be alive. At that point he took on a partner to help him with the countdowns (Ryan Seacrest).

Seacrest doesn’t have that essential thing that made Guy Lombardo or Dick Clark fit in with New Year’s. This show becomes more painful to watch with each passing year. The suits at the network should have allowed Dick Clark to end “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” when he got sick so we could have collectively figured out what would take its place. One imagines that had Lombardo not died a natural death that we would now be forced to watch him in an endless annual rerun of “New Years at Bernie’s.

Brent’s Live New Years

This option has a bit of a cloud of mystery to it. The show’s webpage claims that it’s the third annual show. A bit of clever internet research reveals that the show used to include someone named “Timmy”. Now it’s “Brent and Friends” and apparently Timmy isn’t one of them. We haven’t heard from anyone who actually saw the 2006-7 show, so we can only imagine some sort of “live streaming New Year’s break-up” complete with thrown punches and wrecked furniture. We are huge fans of reality TV as you may have guessed.

Last year we did watch Brent’s Live New Years from Australia, then on through Japan and Singapore (we fell asleep at that point). We picked it up later from Central to Pacific time zones in the United States. They really did toast to each and every time zone. The videos were either music or comedy, funny and usually told something about the featured time zones. They even responded to our emails during the show which was hella cool. We are easily impressed.

The warnings that we had to click through to get to the show warned us of nudity, violence, coarse language and everything else short of virgin sacrifices. What we saw would maybe have been rated R however this based mostly on language. Quite frankly with such a buildup we were hoping to see more boobs and butts and felt a bit let down.

We give you this option since we think it’s such a great idea for anyone to have a live show on what is probably the only worldwide holiday that we have each year. We discovered the show two years ago and plan to keep a scorecard this year as to how many different countries that we can toast to on their New Year’s. http://www.brentslivenewyears.com

The New York Philharmonic 2009-10 New Year’s Eve Concert

If you are in New York and don’t feel like standing in the cold watching the ball drop (You should see it live at least once to say that you’ve done it and then afterwards don’t waste your time doing it ever again!) you can catch a New Year’s Eve concert by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at Avery Fisher Hall at 7:30 pm.

The program will be hosted by Alan Gilbert and Thomas Hampson. Alan Gilbert just took over in September 2009 as the new conductor. Gilbert is a home-town New Yorker and is the first native New Yorker to hold the post of conductor of the New York Philharmonic. He distinguished himself conducting the Royal Stokholm Philharmonic Orchestra and also frequently conducted the Santa Fe Opera and the Cleveland Symphony.

Gilbert is best known for his virtuosic conducting of American musical works. This New Year’s Eve program will feature both Broadway musical hits and also the music of Aaron Copland.

Thomas Hampson, a Hoosier baritone (also with some roots in Spokane, Washington) will be featured on this program. Hampson was a protege of American musical genius Leonard Bernstein. We are positive that Gilbert and Hampson will put on an amazing performance that will hopefully someday be available as a recording. This will be the top-notch cultural event to attend in New York on New Year’s Eve 2009. http://nyphil.org/

The Washington D.C. Warner Theater 2009-2010 New Year’s Eve Program

The Warner Theater in Washington DC is having a special New Year’s Eve concert at 9 pm.

The featured entertainer will be Tracy Morgan. You may remember Tracy Morgan from his work on Saturday Night Live (1996-2003) and presently on 30 Rock.

The opening acts are DJ Freaky Tye and Domonique

We will add more as we hear about them.

Submissions are welcome.

Live New Year’s Show 

Live New Year’s Show